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The Day(s) of a heavy heart.

Protests about the murder of George Floyd and police brutality have been happening in the major cities around me. Some have been peaceful and a few not so much. But overall they haven't been as violent as some cities have been.

I remember watching the news when I first heard the name "George Floyd" and his murder. (I'm not going to say 'death' because I truly believe it was murder.) I sat and stared at my television with eyes wide and mouth agape because it just didn't make sense. This is the US - in my biased opinion the best country in the world - and heinous acts like these, especially by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve, aren't supposed to happen here.

Before you call me naive, I know that what happened to George Floyd happens more often than one would think. So many names. So many sons, fathers, brothers, and friends. So many that loved and were loved.

I just don't understand the hate. The hate that permeates our society and is allowed to run rampant or is chosen to be ignored. It doesn't make sense and there is no argument anyone can make to rationalize it.

And yet here we are. Again. Another man dead. Another family plagued with grief and despair.

One day, the protests happening all over the world are going to simmer down, the curfews that have been set in place in major cities will be lifted, and the world will continue to turn. My question is, will the world be a better place than the one in which we currently reside?

I have no answers. I only have hope.


7:19 p.m. - 2020-06-01


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